24 Hours in Nagasaki | 6 Things to do in Japan's Hidden City


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    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: The end of an era! The most action-packed, ridiculous series we've seen on Abroad in Japan, filled with volcanoes, airplanes, horses, abandoned islands and even an iTunes chart topping hit. A big thank you to you all for watching along. It's a tough series to beat, but perhaps we can make it happen later on this year (once I've recovered from this one). And a special thanks to the Abroad in Japan Patreon community for turning this mad idea into a reality ( www.patreon.com/abroadinjapan ). Now go back and re-watch the entire series! 2 hours of back-to-back mayhem! seblacks.info/clone/PLSOR9_iNzVflGF8OZwBqYH4mxDXvlkpSX

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    you deserve an award for ''best youtube series'' i had a blast watching this and im excited for next years journey across japan!

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    I don't think your hair is shit, Chris. It's okay.

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    Wholesomely entertaining video, great work on the production! I love the little interspersions of history and the city's landmarks.

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    You can find the biggest burger, and really good at the Sagami Depot U.S. military base in Tokyo.

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    Dogter Jelllly!!!!

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    Natsuki after the burger race: "I wanted to enjoy it more :(" HAHAH

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    Why hasn't the Dr. Jelly products launched?? They would make a killing. I'd buy some if it was available in South Africa. DR JELLY LETS GO!!!!!

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    Thanks for this amazing series

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    High production value films. Not SEblacks quality. Awesome series again!!!

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    Epic content once again!!

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    Always a blast, from start to finish! A bit sad that it's already over. Looking forward to more videos!

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    That does look like a tasty burger.

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    I appreciate the cinematography you're trying to achieve because it shows you're trying. For instance, @13:05 you ran the footage backward to get the look you're going for. Very nice.

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    I so enjoy your videos dude!

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    Who knows maybe the next series could be a cross over with trash taste, you guys bounce off each other effortlessly, plus it could also be a trash taste special so combined budget, larger production. Definitely would be an undertaking but I think the result would be worth it. And with you lot all together you can be in the dullest place and the video would still be entertaining.

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    clapclapclapclapclapclap bravo lads

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    Fact: The channel is called A Broad in Japan but in reality there's not a single woman in this video.

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    Best bromance crew ever

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    Crying with laughter at the Dr Jelly outtakes

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    amazing adv haha

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    amazing series! loved every minute of it. can we all appreciate Natsuki's acting skills :D i was surprised by it

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    Truly a stunning series to watch! I finished it all and am left wanting more.

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    I watched plenty of your videos and it gave me the inspiration to be serious in my studies as I have arrived here in japan a couple of months ago. Thank you. Looking forward to see more of your videos. 🔥🔥🔥

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    what is the outro song?

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    Great final day. Looking forward to journey 4 already.

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    NGL I think this is the best doctor jelly ad yet !!!

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    Kinda pointless Videos when nobody can visit Japan for god knows how long.

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    I prefer your content over Netflix, hands down! "Justice Credible!" Bonus is Ian with hair rollers. Now I've seen everything!

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    Only found your channel last month, awesome stuff. Do more food stuff!!

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    This feels like top gear without the cars.

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    Chris! If you find yourself in Aomori, you should try Ramble Burger. Really damn good!

  • Good Gaijin Greg
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    Lol I thought he said it was "chinchin ice cream"

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    Wow this series has been so fun to watch! Thank you!!!

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    The freezing gong histochemically print because attic interstingly screw a a minor blood. rabid, troubled statistic

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    Whats next for the squad???!

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    Jelly across Japan, nice

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    qing qing ice ver nice

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    The next series should be about martial arts. Fighting across japan

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    By far my favourite series on SEblacks, you’ve outdone yourself Chris.

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    I just wonder why Joey always carries around a Dr Jelly coat? 😷

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    I can't wait for Dr. Love Jelly ;)

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    Considering moving to another country and Japan is one of our top 3 choices

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    Darn it I’ll have to watch it all. When I saw the preview I loved the whole premise. After watching this, will have to see the series lol.

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    Beef 100% 😂

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    Jelly across Japan

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    The first Abroad in Japan video I watched was the first video in Natsuki's Vacation. The production quality is amazing and has led me down the rabbit hole of watching a ton of previous videos on the channel including the 2nd Journey Across Japan and Natsuki The Movie. Thanks for giving me hours of entertainment and thank you to your patreons for allowing this stuff to be made.

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    Can we just admire that Natsuki's acting for Dr. Jelly was really well done? His expression were on point. He looks as though he really got into it.

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    Really enjoyed the Dr. Jelly :))

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    Alternative title: *Dr. Jelly Across Japan*

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    What an adventure, easily the best series in youtube 🔥🔥

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    2,400¥ for that burger. It hurts.

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    What is the back story of Dr. Jelly? Was he Medical student that suffered erectile dysfunction? Did he come home to find his wife gone and a note on the bedsheets scribed in KY jelly? Did he then have a breakdown and could only find true happiness in satisfying others with Jelly based produce? Sorry Chris, this is a thing now and we demand answers!

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    "Natsuki is always so poetic." You just noticed? lol

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    Anyone else caught the pun: before things get out of hand at 5:51 ?

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    Nice one buddy 👏, one more super 👍⚡ and subscriber 🆙.

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    Super 👍.

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    Jelly across Japan

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    I have a big duck.

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    I used to live in Sasebo, Nagasaki prefecture for almost 10yrs, April '96-Sep 2005. Always go Nagasaki City every other month from Ureshino in Saga, Prefecture. Love it every time. Hello from Saga😊🗾 oh one more thing, I love Champon.😄🍝

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    Hi Chris, I know I'm late watching and I hope this doesn't rub you the wrong way, but as someone who doesn't eat beef, the burger eating challenge was kind of distasteful and soured the video for me. Loved the rest of the video though, here's to Journey Across Japan 4! Cheers

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    Friendship over with Natsuki. Now Joey is my best friend.

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    These Dr. Jelly Commercial's are a national treasure. Never gets old.

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    Jelly across Japan. :-)

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    Dr.Jelly filled donut

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    This has been a wonderful journey. Thank you pateron ppl and chris for this!

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    So amazing! I hope you do another journey across Japan soon. It's lots of fun...

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    Lmfao so hard when Norm walks in to the salon.

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    Have to say, Natsuki did a good acting job on that commercial. really enjoyed it.

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    Day 2 of asking Chris to go drifting with Albo

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    Loved the commercial

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    Dr. Hair Jelly 😭

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    I've watched every single video on my PlayStation. Can't comment. Been many positive comments though. Can't wait for this episode. Been genuinely excited. 5 days late. Due to life has to go on, in England. Keep the videos coming I'll be lost without you. And found a lot of awesome SEblacksrs through your channel. Also so much interesting information on Japan. One day I will visit. Least I will be prepared!

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    You should rename the series into Jelly Across Japan ;)

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    AHHH this was so GOOOOOD Chris, hope you do it again next year!

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    Almost 5$ for that?!?! How is that a steal? Oh sarcasm

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    Man, they killed it! I can’t express how much I love this series and I’m so glad the series is still ongoing, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time (especially at the third ad of dr jelly) and it’s not often that I comment but I felt like I just had to for this series. お疲れ様でした! prayers and much love,

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    I Love Dr.Jelly. Naski did a really good job playing the Barber. I love the reactions from Chris and Naski getting mad over empty gel to Dr. Jelly's Entrance and the whole reactions. I can tell Chris almost laughed agien when Naski said to the Camera he had no more Hair gel. HAHA!! Thanks guys. Please don't stop doing changes and gun games I love it.

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    Nagasaki Champon 🍜 6:09

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    12:27 "The Ultimate Place to Play Hide & Seek" That sound like Mr.Beast video.

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    The best Dr. Jelly commercial!!! Laughed soo much! Keep up the great videos.

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    The best series in the SEblacks tbh.Beautiful photography and fun content.Ill glady put some bucks in for the next journey across Japan series.Cant wait until then

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    Damn, Norm is hot

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    Breaking news: Natsuki hospitalized for 3 days straight after carrying famous SEblacksr Abroad in Japan’s newest series of videos “Journey Across Japan”. In all seriousness, fantastic work, Chris, Joey, Natsuki, and the filming crew! Was great to watch and tag along for the fun! Great production quality as well! Just wanted to show my appreciation for bringing Natsuki along with that joke. :]

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    This has been really cool my favorite was the horse one🙂

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    Joey's a monster on that burger... ravenous.

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    ahh Dr. Jelly made one last appearance! I'm sad this is over...but will cherish the memories...Now to hit up the behind the scenes!!

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    Fantastic series, we ADORED Nagasaki, and so many people don't include it on their Japan itinerary. Beautiful city. And Dr Jelly? Amazing.

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    another awesome series of Journey Across Japan!!

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    DR HAIR JELLY! so good

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    Everyone: Good journey! Natsuki: Yeh, good jelly. Journey across Japan wouldn't be the same without Natsuki

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    What an amazing series thx Chris for the content and keep up the good work

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    Dr. J is out of control.. 😅

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    20:08 said jelly across japan lol

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    So Sad it's over again 😭😂 Chris is the best Japan vlogger in the world 🙏🙌☝️ can't wait for the next series

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    When did you guys film this? I'm currently melting in Gifu right now and can't wait for it to cool down, but I see you guys in sweaters? 🥵

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    Jelly across Japan pt.4, when?

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    What an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. The level of quality of each episode is almost unreal.

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    Dr jelly is my favorite character

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    Are you ever going to visit Yokohama?? :D