2020 VS 2021 Tesla Model Y Interior and Exterior Differences

I have a 2020 Tesla Model Y so I felt it would be good to do a video pointing out the differences between mine and the 2021 model. There are many differences but not enough for me to want to buy the new version. We also discuss the difference between a Model 3 and Y from an owners perspective. Here are some helpful time stamps to navigate the video:

Exterior: 1:36
Paint Issues: 2:51
Windshield Wipers: 3:36
Headlights: 3:56
Glass: 4:19
Interior: 4:45
Ghost Mode: 10:09
Model 3 vs Model Y: 12:02

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  • Gjeebs
    Gjeebs6 månader sedan

    Can we get 3,000 likes on this video? Asking for Elon. Thanks.

  • Naushad Rayan

    Naushad Rayan

    2 månader sedan

    Yes. Take it

  • Enlil Samuel

    Enlil Samuel

    4 månader sedan

    @Adam White-Parsons I had a full PPF kit installed immediately on my new Model 3P, and if you want only one or the other, well to be honest you really should get a solid PPF kit professionally installed FIRST AND a ceramic coating on top...I personally didn't spend the extra money as the shop could have done both but they also did ceramic tints on all windows except the front top glass (buy n pop in a visor for that). I just use Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax, it's a spray that's safe to apply over PPF after you wash your car. The Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Detailer is something I also use but to each their own. Hope you find this helpful and understand both items, the order it's installed etc.

  • Jared Ladd Jamison

    Jared Ladd Jamison

    4 månader sedan

    @Steve Mann Look up Toro. It's like AirBnB for vehicles.

  • Evapors


    6 månader sedan

    yes you can my fellow youtuber. i am about to order 2021 MODEL Y IN BLACK WHITE INTERIOR! Thanks!!

  • Steve Mann

    Steve Mann

    6 månader sedan

    Is it an option to rent a Tesla to drive it across Canada?

  • Christopher Tilley
    Christopher Tilley6 dagar sedan

    I'm curious what improvements the 2022 Model Y's will have over the 2021. Mine is slated for delivery in February.

  • Miami
    Miami9 dagar sedan

    Sounds more like a UFO than a ghost. I didn’t mind it during my tear drive.

  • BlueTwist _
    BlueTwist _13 dagar sedan

    Do not use a GoPro camera on videos such as this please..

  • - SoLo
    - SoLo14 dagar sedan

    My god tesla (electric) cars talk is soooo fn boring! All tesla drivers have the same vanilla (squares) look to them.

  • Herakles
    Herakles15 dagar sedan

    I’m holding out as long as possible - I think 2022 going to bring me technology across board and will be quicker too

  • hans jørgen skukkestad
    hans jørgen skukkestad16 dagar sedan

    Where is the driving info?? One large screen popping out from the middle of the dash?? Uggly and lame

  • edward zo
    edward zo17 dagar sedan

    those are not matrix headlights on the model y 2021, only the Performance Model y is currently being made with the Matrix headlights.

  • William Kong
    William KongMånad sedan

    love the improvements, waiting for my 2021 Model Y already 30days

  • Andy Hsiao
    Andy HsiaoMånad sedan

    Does your car make the ghost sound when you put it in reverse ?

  • Gjeebs


    Månad sedan

    It does not

  • A M
    A MMånad sedan

    They have speakers on the outside you can have a usb that can contain exhaust notes from any car just download them from the web similarly to the horn mods

  • Steven Dunn
    Steven DunnMånad sedan

    Thanks for uploading all of the real videos. I just used your referral code to show my thanks!

  • Gjeebs


    Månad sedan

    Thank you for watching!

  • lead dog
    lead dogMånad sedan

    great job, thanks. can't believe you don't understand why a mercedes is much quieter than a tesla. you are a smart guy. just check the build quality out side by side like you just did with these two cars. thanks again.

  • John M
    John MMånad sedan

    Oh wow, I LIKE that ghost mode. Did you mention that you likely don't have the external speaker for boom box mode? Im in the same boat with my Performance Model Y from June 2020.

  • Gjeebs


    Månad sedan

    Yea kinda stinks

  • Ваня
    ВаняMånad sedan

    New Model X vs Model Y please 🥺

  • Rafe torn
    Rafe tornMånad sedan

    The noise when you put it in reverse is it let ppl know the car is backing up.

  • Blair Warner
    Blair WarnerMånad sedan

    Model 3 performance will beat my m4. A model 3 with the boost package will also beat my m4.

  • Gjeebs


    Månad sedan

    Yea but the M4 is engaging in other ways that are fun

  • Blair Warner

    Blair Warner

    Månad sedan

    Model 3 long range with boost*

  • Danny Fought
    Danny FoughtMånad sedan

    With all the Tesla Y videos out there, there is not even one showing the long range 1/4 mile time with and without acceleration boost. All they show is zero to 60. Please show!

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan JohnsonMånad sedan

    You should definitely check out Gruber Motor Company they do lots of work on Tesla’s.

  • maddetox
    maddetoxMånad sedan

    nice rides, but I like the most, is the side door on this guys home. Don't see many homes with that feature in AZ.

  • julie quindiagan
    julie quindiaganMånad sedan

    Do the induction wheels come with all-season tires?

  • Gjeebs


    Månad sedan



    Great video! what would be your recommendation on tints on the model Y? Also, mine came with the standard wheels any recommendation about upgrades?

  • vortechca
    vortechca2 månader sedan

    Dude! Right after you pointed out your misaligned hood, my eyes just kept on catching the imperfection. Are you planning on bringing it back to Tesla to fix it?

  • Gjeebs


    2 månader sedan

    They won’t fix it

  • Magnets Travel
    Magnets Travel2 månader sedan

    Getting delivery Model Y Performance in the morning

  • Jersey Style
    Jersey Style2 månader sedan

    🤩👍😎❤️I just ordered one last nite 👍👍👍👍

  • Crystal8187
    Crystal81872 månader sedan

    Wait till the 2022 model y with the 420 mile range

  • Gjeebs


    2 månader sedan

    I doubt that will happen in 2022. It will need the new battery and new chassis to accomplish that

  • Money
    Money2 månader sedan

    Does the model Y have more room in the drivers seat?

  • Abimbola Aku
    Abimbola Aku2 månader sedan

    It’s double paned windows, but it’s still the same thickness. Is the road noise on the new model Y better?

  • M L
    M L2 månader sedan

    everytime i see a Model Y, I just think how much it must suck to have a $1,000/month car payment. I bought my car for 13k, and will drive it to over 300,000 miles. Gas prices are a moot point.

  • M L

    M L

    2 månader sedan

    @Gjeebs that’s just poor utilization of cash, I’d rather invest my liquid capital than buy an expensive car to go from A to B. Keeping up with the Jones has no merit and will keep you in middle class

  • Gjeebs


    2 månader sedan

    Just pay cash and you won’t have the payment

  • M L
    M L2 månader sedan

    i dont understand how people are all spending 60,000 dollars for this car? even with gas savings, you only save $2,500 per year if you drive 30,000 miles a year..... it would take 4 years to make it a 50k car, 8 years to make it a 40k car, and 12 years to make it a 30k car....

  • PainfulWhale
    PainfulWhale2 månader sedan

    5db sound difference is significant. To understand a little bit about how sound is measured.. 60db is half the noise of 70db. So, 5db is significant.

  • Jeff & Michele Armstrong
    Jeff & Michele Armstrong2 månader sedan

    I really like the ghost sound. My husband almost ran into me with our X because I couldn’t hear him moving. We’ve thought about getting a speaker installed for safety reasons.

  • Juan Cruz Bobillo
    Juan Cruz Bobillo2 månader sedan

    First, great video! Can you explain better what are some of the costs after delivery? You mentioned STARLINK and paint coat… what about insurance? Thanks.

  • Gjeebs


    2 månader sedan

    call your insurance company and get a quote. it varies widely

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis2 månader sedan

    RAV 4 Hybrid was one of the first with the “Ghost” sound as well. Most owners do not even know what it is. It stays the same pitch however.

  • Bomber 18
    Bomber 182 månader sedan

    Is it easy to take the emblem off? Also where did you get the decal?

  • P Caroleo
    P Caroleo2 månader sedan

    Paint quality going up? How so??

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards2 månader sedan

    Decibels are logarithmic - so 5db is actually a lot.

  • Aziz Izgin
    Aziz Izgin2 månader sedan

    Is it true that they updated the heating pump in the 21 model? I live in Sweden and it gets cold during winter so am worried that the 2020 doesn’t have this pump and can heat up properly? Sorry for bad question Also Can anyone teach me of how to protect the paint from scratches etc? What “film” are people talking about? Also, did you notice it being more quiet with the double glass? Very nice video

  • Shane Clifford
    Shane Clifford2 månader sedan

    A white Tesla model Y really is the most boring car choice. Cars used to be individualistic now they are like magnolia paint.

  • Jay F.
    Jay F.2 månader sedan

    Great side by side comparison. Now I just need to search for some 7 seater model Y videos.

  • wkbman
    wkbman2 månader sedan

    Ok Gjeebs, be on the lookout for another 1000 SuperCharger Miles. I just ordered the same spec, I appreciate that you compared the two years and showed how good the builds have improved. ORDERED and stoked!! October can come soon enough!

    RKGSD2 månader sedan

    PSA: Windshield tinting is highly illegal. No longer just a fix-it ticket in CA.

  • Gjeebs


    2 månader sedan

    Lol “highly illegal”

  • Republicans for bleach injections
    Republicans for bleach injections2 månader sedan

    Cocky bratt

  • Mark
    Mark2 månader sedan

    Paint Difference in color....Yes That Reverse noise/sound is excruciatingly horrible ! Also in my belief that, If something is considered a negative in some way, you're just so nonchalant or calm or reserved about. You don't show any emotion that one could determine unhappiness or disgust.

  • 🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴
    🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴2 månader sedan

    What percent tint was that on the rear windows? you said 70% windshield

  • John Nemesh
    John Nemesh2 månader sedan

    Glad to see Tesla refining their manufacturing! The improvements on the panel gaps and paint are impressive! Still, I am waiting for the cast lower body, structural battery pack and 4680 batteries...hopefully the 2022 model will have these!

  • Diane Albanese
    Diane Albanese2 månader sedan

    Great information for a newbie like me. Just becoming reassured from your video that it is the car that I'd like to own next. My good old Camry has 202,000 miles and it's time. Thanks!

  • Gjeebs


    2 månader sedan

    Glad you liked it! I am doing a cross country trip right now that will also be helpful to you

  • agentjrb
    agentjrb2 månader sedan

    Curious if driving at night there’s a noticeable difference between the two models and improvement with the new headlight setup? Also some notable changes between the models the removal of sensors and passenger lumbar support.

  • S Reyes
    S Reyes2 månader sedan

    My brothers M3 makes that noise.

  • oosung
    oosung3 månader sedan

    Good info, but could use less motion sickness shots.

  • G-Force
    G-Force3 månader sedan

    The whole time I’m thinking that I’ve got to clean my garage. Nice rides.

  • Subby
    Subby3 månader sedan

    Looks great if you ignore the ghosts that come with the car 😂

  • Dylan Garrison
    Dylan Garrison3 månader sedan

    Upgrade!?! From a 2020 to a 2021? It’s not a fu@%ing phone. It’s a car! You own it for 3-10 years or more! Who the hell are you people?

  • WAR Enterprise
    WAR Enterprise3 månader sedan

    Ghost noise is awesome !!

  • Vauldur
    Vauldur3 månader sedan

    It's interesting how I just quoted insurance on a Y and how it jumps my insurance. It's like the sport bike equivalent to cars, it costs a lot more than my Audi.

  • Gordon Crespo
    Gordon Crespo3 månader sedan

    The backup pedestrian warning sound isn’t weird, it’s a safety feature now required by law

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith3 månader sedan

    The main argument, except for range, for Porsche > Tesla is build quality, then handling. The Tesla is really mediocre compared. Source: I have both. Performance and software, obviously better on the Tesla.

  • Manuel7B
    Manuel7B3 månader sedan

    5 dB is almost half as loud... so if you're not able to tell the diffrence you might shoud get your ears checked :-)

  • Camarosspr Camarosspr
    Camarosspr Camarosspr3 månader sedan

    More expensive, over an already very expensive EV, duhhhhhh

  • Jaime Martinez
    Jaime Martinez3 månader sedan

    LOVE the disc golf display on the garage wall!!! Also, nice cart setup :)

  • Leinganba Laisram
    Leinganba Laisram3 månader sedan

    Can we put a radio flyer kids wagon in the rear trunk?

  • Leinganba Laisram

    Leinganba Laisram

    3 månader sedan

    @Gjeebs How much time does the Tesla charging stations in urban and rural areas take in charging? I always wonder how am I gonna recharge a Tesla if I plan on a trip to a remote mountain location?

  • Gjeebs


    3 månader sedan


  • Brent Goodman
    Brent Goodman3 månader sedan

    I am local here in Arizona it was wanting to know if I could speak to you possibly on the phone. I just ordered my wife a model Y And had some very specific questions. Thought since maybe you were local we could chat?

  • Holo Holo Adventures
    Holo Holo Adventures3 månader sedan

    It was a good comparison.

  • Lando Beats
    Lando Beats3 månader sedan

    Perfect Vid 😎🥃

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith3 månader sedan

    THE BUILD QUALITY IS IMPROVING? That is LAUGHABLE!!!! The Model 3 and Y are low quality, overpriced, high performance GOLF CARTS!

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith3 månader sedan

    I’ve owned multiple BMWs and Honda Accords. Neither brand suffered from the poor build quality, shoddy paint quality, pathetic paint durability, or component gaps and misalignment issues that are standard on every Tesla. You people are fools. Elon is selling you idiots 1990s Kia quality autos and literally stealing from you. No Model 3 or Y is worth a penny over 30K. "THE QUALITY IS IMPROVING. " That is LAUGHABLE! For 50-150K the quality should be spot on! Stop being Tesla Fan Boys and start demanding MORE!!!!!

  • Jay Roberts
    Jay Roberts3 månader sedan

    They added an external speaker at some point in 2020. That would explain the noise. I’m not sure if it was federal regulation but I’m almost certain that’s why. My 2020 model 3 had it.

  • Covid Hoax
    Covid Hoax3 månader sedan

    How many vegetarians are skinned to upholster a single model Y?

  • Covid Hoax

    Covid Hoax

    3 månader sedan

    @Gjeebs Does the Performance version come with scalps on the headrests?

  • Gjeebs


    3 månader sedan


  • Great_Cornholio
    Great_Cornholio3 månader sedan

    My 2019 Honda Insight also has the music note when going in reverse. I think most Hybrids and EVs are doing that now

  • Ron Sexton
    Ron Sexton3 månader sedan

    FSD , or not? That's a lot of money.

  • Gjeebs


    3 månader sedan

    No FSD

  • latitude
    latitude3 månader sedan

    Congratulations Gary

  • latitude
    latitude3 månader sedan

    To let others know you are backing up. I have a bleeping in my old be golf 2002. So very common to have the sound.. In uk it is mandatory that all cars from 2000 + has to have

  • Stopher2475
    Stopher24753 månader sedan

    No radar in the new ones. ☹️

  • IchDochNicht
    IchDochNicht3 månader sedan

    Can’t you adjust the bumper on your frunk lid?

  • mikerzisu
    mikerzisu3 månader sedan

    These are still stupid expensive though. Still really hard to justify one when you compare to all the other options out there at this price range

  • mikerzisu


    3 månader sedan

    @Tony yes. Don't be a scrub fanboi

  • Tony


    3 månader sedan


  • Timofei Bolshev
    Timofei Bolshev4 månader sedan

    10:24 I got the exact same noise in my mid 2020 model 3. I thought it was standard 😳😳🤔🤔

  • Cary Lee
    Cary Lee4 månader sedan

    The Pedestrian warning system is a safety feature in reverse. Been in all M3/Ys since late 2020. Its fine. Otherwise, replace the sound using Boombox

  • John Reeher
    John Reeher4 månader sedan

    I have a question about the autopilot / self-drive features. Does that carry over to second owner or has that been changed to where second owner has to purchase it after buying the vehicle?

  • Bob Silva
    Bob Silva4 månader sedan

    Thanks for the Vid. I do enjoy your content. Thoughts on MY long range vs Performance. I am strongly leaning towards MYP. Do you have a video on this?

  • Jonathan Kroiss
    Jonathan Kroiss4 månader sedan

    My dad has the 2020 with double pane glass

  • Ruby-Rose Apurado
    Ruby-Rose Apurado4 månader sedan

    This video is so helpful. Thank you.

  • Gjeebs


    4 månader sedan

    You’re welcome

  • Donovan Patron
    Donovan Patron4 månader sedan

    14:00 I dont think any Tesla handles better than a Porsche or bmw

  • Nakul Chandarraju
    Nakul Chandarraju4 månader sedan

    Add - new headlights are directional as well

  • John DiToro
    John DiToro4 månader sedan

    Your comments on not using Tesla's trade-in are spot on. I have a new Model Y on order. My daughter is buying my Volvo XC90 from me and we are trading in her car for the new Tesla. She had a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek. Tesla offered $14,500. Carmax bought it for $19,600! Also, my 2019 Model 3 makes the same "ghost sound" in reverse. Finally, not sure if its because of where I live (>100 miles from the nearest Tesla Service Center), but they will install Home Link in my new Y via Moblie Service...included in the H.L. purchase price.

  • Exia TV
    Exia TV4 månader sedan

    His backseets are not even... rip

  • Ned Schniebly
    Ned Schniebly4 månader sedan

    Good vid but worrying about panel gaps and Tesla logos is equivalent to worrying about how you look when driving a raised pick up truck. It's misguided.

  • MyRanda Jones
    MyRanda Jones4 månader sedan

    What does "spec" mean? sorry I am new here to the Tesla world lol!

  • Gjeebs


    4 månader sedan

    All good! Just the specifications of the car are the same so in this case the color, interior color and wheels are the same so they are the same “spec” just car terminology

  • Jörg
    Jörg4 månader sedan

    I really hate this artificial driving sound😱!

  • balk37
    balk374 månader sedan

    Thinking about selling my mode 3 was FB all series buyers can you ask your friend

  • Gjeebs


    4 månader sedan

    Yes he sold it in 1 hour. Sounds serious

  • SadComputerNowHappy
    SadComputerNowHappy4 månader sedan

    Jesus dude, you whip around your camera like a mad man. Slow down bro, getting sea sick

  • Mark Fiorino
    Mark Fiorino4 månader sedan

    New Tesla owner here, just waiting on my VIN. I don't mind the backup ghost at all, I actually like it. It's purpose is obvious - you're not supposed to be in R unless you're backing up and it's important to know the difference. When you shift a combustion engine car, your body feels the car go ca-klunk as the transmission swaps configuration, and with that being suddenly missing, the car being silent, and there being no creep when you ease up off the gas pedal, one can more easily forget which gear the car is in before pressing the accelerator after a delay. It's It's cognitive thing. The ghost replaces all of that.

  • Real Mike Clements
    Real Mike Clements4 månader sedan

    Lol bro there’s like 4 options.

  • Vyler
    Vyler4 månader sedan

    "Guess which tesla is which" while pointing at each one with the corresponding year. 0:35

  • D. Scott

    D. Scott

    3 månader sedan


  • Michael B
    Michael B4 månader sedan

    It makes a sound when you back up to help pedestrians know you’re backing up.

  • Adam B
    Adam B4 månader sedan

    Lost me at disk golf

  • airplaneguy17
    airplaneguy174 månader sedan


  • Kris Tech
    Kris Tech4 månader sedan

    At 10:29, that is the pedestrian warning system. It is a new law for all EV's two have this system which is a noisemake and it makes noise in reverse or at low speeds in drive. Although I think the law should've instead been all cars require auto emergency braking in both drive and reverse.

  • Christian Ravera
    Christian Ravera4 månader sedan

    Really enjoyed the content and your style. Many thanks to your friend for letting us poke around his vehicle with your help.

  • Christian Ravera

    Christian Ravera

    4 månader sedan


  • Paul Shakeshaft
    Paul Shakeshaft4 månader sedan

    Can the very irritating reversing noise.be turned off ??????

  • Gjeebs


    4 månader sedan

    You can disconnect it but you can’t just press a button and turn it off

  • Tom Mac———
    Tom Mac———4 månader sedan

    good comparison, poor camera work