11 Cool Things Coming in Patch 9.1

Patch 9.1 is coming SOON, so I'm rounding up the eleven most exciting things coming to World of Warcraft in the 9.1 update to Shadowlands! Patch 9.1 features the standard array of expected content such as a new PVP season, Mythic Plus season and affix and raid tier with Sanctum of Domination. On top of that, you can also expect an overhaul to Torghast, the new outdoor zone of Korthia, an eight-boss megadungeon with Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, many new mounts and pets and toys and transmog to earn and a host of quality of life changes!

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0:00 - Patch 9.1 Release Date!
0:15 - Flying in SL
1:05 - Tazavesh Megadungeon
1:52 - Korthia
2:31 - Quality of Life Updates
3:29 - Renown Levels and Rewards
4:04 - New Story Chapters
4:20 - New Collectibles
4:50 - New Mythic Season and Affix
5:20 - New PvP Season and Scaling Gear
5:47 - Torghast Overhaul
7:07 - Sanctum of Domination


  • Mr Brizzol
    Mr BrizzolMånad sedan

    hope raids are easier than the last few

  • Blazing Seven
    Blazing SevenMånad sedan

    Hazel I simply LOVE your purple dress!!!! Where did you get it? Thanks for all your videos, I've been watching you for years, especially for pet battles. :)

  • Ruben
    Ruben2 månader sedan

    As someone who played since Vanilla, till about pandaria and enjoyed raiding and PvP, what recommendations do you have as far as WoW currently. When would be a time too continue and what other routes are there as far as MMO preference. Waiting on all these people too get charged, but will this game also take a hit and sink as well? Curious on outside thoughts.


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  • W2aT
    W2aT2 månader sedan

    Okay one reason to play alliance is to have a character that can do the macarena.

  • Sinonymous
    Sinonymous2 månader sedan

    Thank you Hazel I love your videos! :D

  • S. Drakoviche
    S. Drakoviche2 månader sedan

    Let's just be honest people, this patch is hot garbage. We are paying real money to play this game and they don't add any new content for pvp and the only new thing they really add is a new currency to grind. Who wants to do this stuff?

  • Shayden riddle
    Shayden riddle2 månader sedan


  • Reins Farmer
    Reins Farmer2 månader sedan

    so how many renown do we get each week in 9.1 because i have done almost everything and only the 1000 anima quest has given me 1 renown because the 20 souls did not give me renown and im already in chapter 3 of the new campaing and no new renown yet, anyone know whats up?

  • Pandoodi & Himchi
    Pandoodi & Himchi2 månader sedan


  • DhiscoStu
    DhiscoStu3 månader sedan

    Handy summary, thanks :)

  • Matúš Vaský
    Matúš Vaský3 månader sedan


  • Christopher Morrissey
    Christopher Morrissey3 månader sedan

    Hazel is so warm-hearted and fun to listen to. She always has good insights into the newest wow content. Hazel is probably a horrifying machete-wielding torturer and mass murderess irl but it is really nice to see such a consistently good and sweet human being in these videos.

  • Roberta Harper
    Roberta Harper3 månader sedan

    Ugh wait what is renowned what do you do for it

  • narda barber
    narda barber3 månader sedan

    Oh my gosh, so happy to hear about the cap on pets!!

  • King
    King3 månader sedan

    Had to cancel my sub bc of college but it's so tempting to jump back with the quality of life changes sighhh

  • Skulls
    Skulls3 månader sedan

    Will think about returning to WoW When they fix Tanking... For the time being FFXIV is much better.

  • J Battin
    J Battin3 månader sedan

    I love how fucking happy you are about wow, I like people who like the game and LIKE talking about it most of the time.

  • Akureisenshi2
    Akureisenshi23 månader sedan

    Omg, all that time trying to get the last cap on the pets.

  • BaxMawCosplay
    BaxMawCosplay3 månader sedan

    You forgot to mention the new tmogs!

  • shawn London
    shawn London3 månader sedan

    Should be called korthia that one building of secrets... there’s not really a city aesthetically I’m very disappointed in the zone and this supposed city

  • Pewpewdead
    Pewpewdead3 månader sedan

    I unsubscribed till this creep Bobby Kotick resigns as CEO...

  • István Szennai
    István Szennai3 månader sedan

    I wonder tho how these domination sockets will affect M+ gear. The patch notes say smtg like 'item level increased by +26'. So what if I get all the heroic domination gear, but M+ rewards me higher ilvl? Do I have to maintain two sets again? I'm already out of bag space... (mostly due to useless farming items like laestrite ore/shaded cloth).

  • Ahmad Ammous
    Ahmad Ammous3 månader sedan

    Thanks nice info's can't wait for the patch

  • Владислав Давлетшин
    Владислав Давлетшин3 månader sedan

    i mean, no disrespect or anything, but video should have been called 11 new things, instead 11 cool things. by the title i really thought there gonna be some info about socets in leggos, secret mount, maybe some inside and not just a recap of "what's new". Video really positive tho, keep it up

  • Thomas Neal
    Thomas Neal3 månader sedan

    This is the video that determines if 9.1 is worth logging back in haha

  • J Ribs
    J Ribs3 månader sedan


  • Annuvyn Arawn
    Annuvyn Arawn3 månader sedan

    Thanks for this update : Blizzard have really hit the sweet spot with Shadowlands

  • i am
    i am3 månader sedan

    trash... went back to classic and dont regret it.... rretail adding to much for to little

  • WoWergon
    WoWergon3 månader sedan

    Hazel is da bes.

  • Mike Osgood
    Mike Osgood3 månader sedan

    Why would you waste your time. All the progress you make will be wiped out next patch. WoW is a waste of money and time.

  • Георгий


    Månad sedan

    “Mmo gets updated and thats bad”

  • Ronald Amdal
    Ronald Amdal3 månader sedan

    Not only are your videos interesting & helpful, your positivity is contagious. I wish we could be friends, but, I guess I'll have to settle for watching your videos. :-)

  • Bahn
    Bahn3 månader sedan

    I had to watch a 10 second ad for a "professional" boosting service to watch this video.

  • dewhicular


    3 månader sedan

    Cool story, bro.

  • nix gibts
    nix gibts3 månader sedan

    lol ... 11 things that make me quit wow :) thx for the heads up warning :)

  • Violet Light
    Violet Light3 månader sedan

    That glowy blue Direhorn shown in the Torghast section: is that a new Soul Shape, or a pet? I haven't seen anything on Petopia about it, so I'm assuming the latter?

  • Lucky Dal

    Lucky Dal

    3 månader sedan

    That’s a soul shape already in game

  • Augustine Shepazzi
    Augustine Shepazzi3 månader sedan

    The shard gems and gear are crap for M+ only players.

  • J
    J3 månader sedan

    can i get all of the cov mounts or can i only have the mounts of the cov i'm enlisted in?

  • Nelly Mikaela

    Nelly Mikaela

    3 månader sedan

    @J Yes those are gonna be for the characters in that specific covenant only, at least for now. Hopefully they will relax those restrictions later but that's not confirmed

  • J


    3 månader sedan

    @Nelly Mikaela so the fly, stone guy, that falcor mount, and the other one, those mounts will be locked?

  • Nelly Mikaela

    Nelly Mikaela

    3 månader sedan

    Some mounts are locked to your covenant and some are general. The ones that are locked to a covenant are usable by all characters in that covenant tho and not just the one who earned it. Also as some kind of in-between option there are some mounts only characters from a certain covenant can loot but that any character can use once earned

  • KiyokaMakibi
    KiyokaMakibi3 månader sedan

    I was concerned about catching up with renown levels on my alts. Thank god there’s a catch up system for that!

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee3 månader sedan

    As a new WoW player, I have zero idea of anything you just said.

  • Paradopx
    Paradopx3 månader sedan

    2:37 lol disabling content as new content, the wow devs are pretty trash huh

  • Eivind GJ
    Eivind GJ3 månader sedan

    Thanks for a great and informative video, Hazel! Kind of lost track of WoW earlier in the year, due to an incredibly stressful semester at uni, so this is very useful for knowing what to look for when I try to get back into things. Now if only my friends were interested in playing retail, not just TBC.... On a different note, I feel like restricting and/or delaying flying is a very outdated concept that Blizzard needs to stop asap. The fact that I cannot fly in new expansions is a big reason why they feel slow and sluggish until whichever patch flying is introduced in - and the reputation grind to get there in previous expansions has been by far my least favourite part of WoW, ever since said reputation grind was introduced. It makes it feel like the devs are taking away things we already have, things we've already earned - and for those of us who played back in the original TBC, things we worked REALLY hard to unlock in the first place.

  • silverscreemer
    silverscreemer3 månader sedan

    So glad I wasted like 1000 pet charms to upgrade to having 1500 pets. I'm SURE Blizz will send me a refund for that. Any day now.

  • Jonathan Hopfenblatt
    Jonathan Hopfenblatt3 månader sedan

    Dude, that War Gorm mount looks incredible. Too bad I haven't PvPd in ages and I've always sucked at it anyway.

  • Alexis Konig-Jimenez
    Alexis Konig-Jimenez3 månader sedan

    It’s such a breath of fresh air to not have someone try and take a dump on the game at every intersection possible. ( and still have opinions on things they’d like to see change etc. ). I could go a lifetime without having to see another bellugar title.

  • Jonathan Hopfenblatt

    Jonathan Hopfenblatt

    3 månader sedan

    I also stopped watching his content. The clickbait, whiny titles alone were enough for me, lol.

  • nightbringer123
    nightbringer1233 månader sedan

    I wish blizz devs would rework or take away power word:shield from holy priests and replace it with something much more valuable. It's so niche its barely even worth keybinding.

  • AH AH
    AH AH3 månader sedan

    is it fun to play yet? no? ...

  • Desiree Ramos
    Desiree Ramos3 månader sedan

    I need to know mor about this socket system! Lol it’s so confusing.

  • Collector's Den
    Collector's Den3 månader sedan

    is that a Direhorn pet that SPARKLES>>>>>at 6:47>>>>>> WHERE CAN I TAME THIS???????

  • Jack S
    Jack S3 månader sedan

    Tempted to come back, not played since December. Was torghast. Couldn't stand it. Has it improved?

  • M. O.

    M. O.

    3 månader sedan

    9.1 will be making you having to spam Torghast even more...

  • Arhqirah
    Arhqirah3 månader sedan

    Can't wait for all the new mounts coming! Especially excited about the Hand of Nilganihmaht and Fallen Charger!

  • Steve Rick
    Steve Rick3 månader sedan

    You forgot to mention people are going to have to farm their soul ash all over again for their legandaries to have the extra slot. Do you believe that's a good thing they're adding?

  • Lithlad
    Lithlad3 månader sedan

    Ther reset on the legendary system to allow the new, unnecessary system of Torgast, is one of the most stupid things I ever saw blizzard doing to this game and have been here since warcraft 2. In forums, Reddit and Wowhead there is a massive outrage and I hate it because a lot of people will continue to leave the game thanks to these idiot developers. You are greatly optimist as usual Hazel, but this assholes are destroying the game, hard.

  • noneofyour bussiness
    noneofyour bussiness3 månader sedan

    I just hope so.but jump thru hoops agaij

  • Matthew Zilog
    Matthew Zilog3 månader sedan

    It's refreshing, after all the other streamers and WoW content creators, for someone to come out and say "here's what's awesome about the new content". Instead of "here's what's new and it sucks and Blizzard are rubbish and here's the drama."

  • Christoph Gerber
    Christoph Gerber3 månader sedan

    honestly, is she ever negative? xD WoW is in a rage and she is just happy xD

  • TheMaverickIII
    TheMaverickIII3 månader sedan

    I'm done with WOW so sick of grinding away for little to nothing. Times to get around in Shadowlands is horrible and a total waste of time. Too little too late for me Patch 9.1.

  • Roofstone
    Roofstone3 månader sedan

    I am here for the glasses. Give them to me, Blizz.

  • Wahabna Malik
    Wahabna Malik3 månader sedan

    You're the absolute best and a pleasure to listen to. Keep being you, Hazel!

  • Rasmus Johansson
    Rasmus Johansson3 månader sedan

    Awesome video, looking forward to having some progression and more collectables in torgast! Been doing a lot of it, but this is gonna feel much more rewarding :)

  • cezar55555
    cezar555553 månader sedan

    nah, I'll stick to final fantasy, thanks

  • Kayrashy Allen Ansatsu
    Kayrashy Allen Ansatsu3 månader sedan

    Isn't it 29th and 30th ?

  • Shaneey
    Shaneey3 månader sedan

    update be good for 2 weeks when we will wait 9 months for another update =/

  • Rod Neale
    Rod Neale3 månader sedan

    Besides the raid and flying, The mega dungeon will be done quick and il be over it , the renown isnt a cool thing? Getting more renown is a given, thats not a new cool thing. The raid will also die out fast, so after that we have Corthia and WQs , what else is there to do ... its gonna go dry fast .

  • softelfi
    softelfi3 månader sedan

    what is the robe on thumbnail?

  • Michele Manly
    Michele Manly3 månader sedan


  • Neil Ballard
    Neil Ballard3 månader sedan

    Thank you Hazel for your awesome vids keep them up, I enjoy all of them 🙂

  • Goldmaking with TSM
    Goldmaking with TSM3 månader sedan

    I have heard in order to maximize our characters some may have to craft legendaries in non-optimal slots to take advantage of the domination sockets. It just feels bad to have to re-craft the same legendary power on another piece of gear.

  • Z G
    Z G3 månader sedan

    So they give us flying without more world content..... makes me sad.

  • Mr. Onefinger
    Mr. Onefinger3 månader sedan

    The 9.1 gladiator mount is ugly as hell damn

  • Chrystalis Revival
    Chrystalis Revival3 månader sedan

    Im not even close to being caught up on SL stuff itself so I feel very anxious about this being so soon. Might just quit totally tbh. Too overwhelming. We will see.

  • SwordBreaker925
    SwordBreaker9253 månader sedan

    I wish they'd also allow us to send anima to alts the way we can with Soul Ash.

  • SwordBreaker925
    SwordBreaker9253 månader sedan

    Why do they pick such weird numbers for iLvl? 226 from Tazavesh? Why not a rounded 225? And why 233? Why not a rounded 235? Just seems odd to me.

  • Dial 3ctric

    Dial 3ctric

    3 månader sedan

    Personally I never liked rounded / 5 / 0 ending numbers, they seem odd to me; especially the 5 :D

  • Jen Soon Ng
    Jen Soon Ng3 månader sedan

    Are Holy Paladins and Resto Shamans still overpowered?

  • JockstarRaidz zz
    JockstarRaidz zz3 månader sedan

    but will they fix the renny quest ????

  • ShayKatsura
    ShayKatsura3 månader sedan

    Now a criticism video in contrast what's not good about 9.1 or 9.05 which hasn't been changed going into 9.1

  • Griss
    Griss3 månader sedan

    Sorry, but PvP item scaling is not a good change. It cause very big lag spike while enter the fight. It also killing the character immersion in open world, cus when you attack someone who seems to be easy to kill, he get scaled up, and it can be annoying. But thank you for being postivie, that's why I like to watch your videos, and streams.

  • Schultzy1988
    Schultzy19883 månader sedan

    You’re the best!

  • Walter
    Walter3 månader sedan

    funny how healers seems to do the most damage in torghast lol. as a MW monk, with "corrosive dosage," im able to boost 2-3 people at level 8 super easy. and just charging like 300 gold pr person for boost will make u TONS of gold tbh. and thats a "common" power. so thats fun

  • Walter


    3 månader sedan

    @FoorTwelfthDee oh i know. i do it to fuck over the boosty WTS people spamming. and also kinda liked torghast as a healer lol

  • Okan Aydoğar
    Okan Aydoğar3 månader sedan


  • NoEnvyNoFear1
    NoEnvyNoFear13 månader sedan

    Thank you Hazel! I needed this video to get some hype back! With the long wait with no news and then the stress of only having one and a half week left for Keystone Master I had forgotten about all the awesomeness! But consider me hyped for 9.1 again!

  • Kilgharrah1996
    Kilgharrah19963 månader sedan

    At 6:15 - did anyone saw the triceratops soulshape walked by? I hope there is something that’ll tell us where to get it :/

  • Vsoundelend
    Vsoundelend3 månader sedan

    29th for US, 30th for EU

  • Steven Russell
    Steven Russell3 månader sedan

    Hazel! Are you going to make any guides for the bosses in the next raid? Your guides are easy to understand and straight to the point!

  • J Battin

    J Battin

    3 månader sedan

    Seriously her raid boss walkthroughs are the best.

  • Alaszrar
    Alaszrar3 månader sedan

    At this point you could have titled the video: Everything coming in Patch 9.1

  • Gooja
    Gooja3 månader sedan

    Why won't we be able to fly in Oribos? It's like not being able to fly in Boralus or Dalaran

  • Simes Branxons
    Simes Branxons3 månader sedan

    i am so hyped about the new torghast

  • Gabriel Rochel
    Gabriel Rochel3 månader sedan

    No ksm for me this season it seems...

  • Tobias Holub
    Tobias Holub3 månader sedan

    4:05 literally never saw the fire effect on the hammer because my graphics card is so crappy lol

  • Big Hat Bondquo
    Big Hat Bondquo3 månader sedan

    Nice to hear a WoW creator speak positively of Torghast! I love the roguelike nature of torghast and making crazy broken op builds. Infinite damage stacking Shadow Word: Death, zero cooldown Grappling Hook that also gives combo points and evasion, feint, cloak of shadows, Fury warriors being enraged 100% of the time, Demo locks summoning non stop, BM hunters clearing an entire floor as your pet with Eye of the Beast ... can't wait for an excuse to play it more

  • adunakhyr
    adunakhyr3 månader sedan

    How much Blizzard is paying you for being so enthusiastic about the dumbest update ever? City of Secrets? You mean, a wasteland, surely, I see no city there. Flying is the only good thing - it will limit time i need to spend in 4 most horendous zones ever. Nothing else you spoke of so happily is worth anything.

  • adunakhyr


    3 månader sedan

    @Fluid I enjoy practycally everything up to Shitland. This girl is enthusiastic about total bs that is introduced by Blizzard and it's pissing me off. She can be all girly about it, I will say how it is. Piss off!

  • Fluid


    3 månader sedan

    why are you even playing a game you dont enjoy? just let it go man

  • Sean H

    Sean H

    3 månader sedan

    Omg people can have different opinions?! Who knew? 😲

  • susan wallace
    susan wallace3 månader sedan


  • LJnNS
    LJnNS3 månader sedan

    Hazel is the coolest! Much love to ya friend. My wife and i love all your vids/streams!

  • Jinoug4
    Jinoug43 månader sedan

    The pvp gearing change is not for pvp, it's for pve. They're just introducing that to make high end pve players feel they don't have to do pvp. Now for pvp... this system is worse for it.

  • Kittysmack


    3 månader sedan

    Pretty much there basically trying to get everyone to raid or sit far behind mythic+ is quite ruined by this. Terrible pvp players are gonna get wrecked mythic+ wrecked if no raiding I like you hazel but this is terrible.

  • Shawn H
    Shawn H3 månader sedan

    Love your vids! Why is Korthia called a "City" when it seems to be just hills and trees and a few scattered buildings? TY

  • Wozzie LFC

    Wozzie LFC

    3 månader sedan

    @L4G - Littlerascle4 Gaming please 🤣 stop praising Activision like they will do something good

  • L4G - Littlerascle4 Gaming

    L4G - Littlerascle4 Gaming

    3 månader sedan

    Maybe they'll add new content in it as we progress?

  • Benjamin Ramsey
    Benjamin Ramsey3 månader sedan

    Begging for a new mage tower in 9.2

  • megadeth2100
    megadeth21003 månader sedan

    I'm still waiting on the mail icon on the character screen.

  • Chris Plays Games
    Chris Plays Games3 månader sedan

    Wow there is a LOT of systems to deal with. Soul Ash, Anima, renown, rep, stygia, cinders, I cant keep up with them anymore.

  • Annietje01


    3 månader sedan

    For me that’s always been the case. If you don’t come across it with your gameplay than don’t care about it. Big mmorpgs are always like this. There is so much to do you can’t keep up with everything unless you are a full time (twitch) streamer.

  • Sephrinx
    Sephrinx3 månader sedan

    The light is brightest in the darkest of night, when all has faded to black even a single flame seems like a beacon of light.

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh3 månader sedan

    Torghast bored the hell out of me

  • Talia Skinner
    Talia Skinner3 månader sedan

    Thanks for this, Hazel. :-)